Welcome to the 2015 Annual Report


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Looking Forward

Looking Forward to 2016

In 2016, the Board of Directors will continue its commitment to strong governance and will:

  • participate in an annual strategic planning session
  • create and approve ACU's long-term strategic plan, with goals outlining how we will achieve our strategic direction over the next three years
  • develop further governing policies, as needed
  • oversee ACU's Enterprise Risk Management system, including a review of ACU's Risk Profile and monitoring of new and emerging risks
  • oversee the implementation of the multi-year governance roadmap to integrate values-based banking throughout ACU
  • monitor trends in corporate governance, considering any implications for ACU
  • oversee a process to ensure that the board is sufficiently involved in strategic discussions related to the challenges and opportunities faced by the credit union
  • actively participate in credit union system initiatives, where we demonstrate leadership and contribute insight
  • approve a training and development program for the board as a whole, for its committees and for individual directors
  • hold mandatory individual director development sessions with the board chair
  • assess the performance of the board and each individual director


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