Welcome to the 2015 Annual Report


CEO Message


Kevin Sitka, President and CEO

Message from the President and
Chief Executive Officer

We are managing in a world of change and in an industry where technology continues to lead and accelerate that change. As your financial co-operative, we are here to meet your financial service needs, help you plan for your future, help you buy your first home, start a local business to create important services and jobs, or access credit for the unexpected expenses in your life.

We are here to provide world-class financial services to every one of our members and at the same time look for ways to help create opportunities for those who have the least and face the greatest challenges in our communities. We finance affordable housing initiatives that provide homes for people who may otherwise be homeless. We provide loans for foreign-trained professionals to enable them to get their credentials recognized and work in their chosen field. We provide banking in the inner city where there are no other financial institutions. We partner with organizations like SEED Winnipeg and the United Way to empower people with financial literacy skills and asset building programs. In 2015, we were honoured to be the recipient of the National Credit Union Award for Social Responsibility in recognition of the impact we have had on many in our communities. But values-based banking is not just these unique programs, it really is who we are and what we do. It is every one of us, it is every one of you, and it is why ACU was created and why we are here today.

Providing industry leading service in a changing competitive environment makes it increasingly important to continue our focus on profitable growth, growing our relationships with our existing members while improving our internal operations. Being efficient as a credit union, using your resources wisely, will maximize our ability to serve you while investing in our employees and the community.

While many think of credit unions as providing banking services to individuals, we have an exceptional record supporting small businesses in our communities as well. In 2015, we were the proud sponsor of #UnwrapWPG, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce shop local campaign, which had great participation. The social media success led to an incremental ACU donation to LITE, a long-time partner in mobilizing Winnipeggers to think about how to maximize impact with thoughtful purchasing. We are a local business and we support local businesses.

Looking forward, 2016 will be another year of change and competition. A year of delivering even better products and services to members and community in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible. On behalf of the entire ACU team I extend our most sincere gratitude to you, our members. Your membership is your ultimate show of support for what we want to achieve as Assiniboine Credit Union. As always, I remain excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in 2016.


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