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Co-operating to Build a Better World

As a financial co-operative, we are part of a movement that works together for mutual benefit and the betterment of our members and their communities. Locally, nationally and globally we participate in efforts to support the development and success of co-operatives and the co-operative movement.

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We are a member of Credit Union Central of Manitoba (CUCM), which is the trade association for Manitoba credit unions. We actively participate through representation on CUCM's board and on various committees working to benefit members and the system as a whole.

In 2015, we made the third installment of our $25,000 gift to support the Chair in Co-operative Enterprises at the University of Winnipeg's Faculty of Business and Economics.

We continued to invest in the development of local co-operatives. We contributed $5,000 to the Manitoba Cooperative Development Fund, which provides grants and technical assistance to help Manitoba co-ops start and grow. We provided grants to eight co-operatives, including supporting St. Norbert Farmers Market Co-op to develop a year-round online market.

We participate in the Manitoba Co-operative Community Strategy, a full partnership between the co-op sector and the Province of Manitoba to strengthen and grow co-operatives in Manitoba.



arrow 15pxNationally

We actively participate in Canadian Credit Union Association's (formerly Credit Union Central of Canada) Social Responsibility Committee, which continued work in the areas of financial literacy, social finance and raising the profile of social responsibility within the credit union system. This included participating in a research project looking at retail impact investment models and options for credit unions, providing input into the creation of the 2015 CCUA Community and Economic Impact Report, and submitting information for a study on social finance by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities.

We continued to participate on the national task force to guide development of a Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund which will provide co-operatives with the capital they need to expand and develop. The fund will complement existing loan and investment programs.

We promoted and participated in the My Credit Union Matters campaign that proposes a new Capital Growth Tax Credit to re-establish a competitive balance between credit unions and the big banks.


arrow 15pxGlobally

We continued to support the development of credit unions and co-operatives in poor and vulnerable communities around the world through the work of the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF). In 2015, we contributed $20,000 to the CDF's Build a Better World Campaign.


arrow 15pxLooking Forward to 2016

To continue demonstrating our commitment to the co-operative principles, we will:

  • advocate for social responsibility within the credit union system
  • work with credit unions across Canada on issues of mutual interest
  • invest in the start-up and growth of co-operatives
  • support the development of young leaders within the credit union system
  • look for ways to help strengthen the co-op movement in Manitoba


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