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Fostering Sustainable Communities

Guided by our Community Investment Policy, in 2015 we invested financial and non-financial resources to support organizations working to build self-reliant and sustainable communities. Through community donations, employee involvement, purchasing decisions and employment development, we contributed to our community in many ways.

> Community Donations
> Engaging ACU Employees in the Community
> Investing for Impact with Purchasing Dollars

arrow 15pxCommunity Donations

In 2015, we donated $460,213 through community grants and sponsorships.

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Community Grants
Through community grants we invest in projects and ongoing programs that help achieve our community investment goals. In 2015, we provided $354,300 in grants to 65 organizations.

Community Grants Investment Goal
Applications to ACU's Sustainable Community Grants are reviewed by a volunteer grants committee. In 2015, the committee approved 46 grants totalling $145,000.

We provide grant support for a number of key community partners such as SEED. We increased our contribution to CCEDNet's Enterprising Non-Profits Fund to $20,000 and continue to participate in the grant decisions. We have also made a number of multi-year commitments to help build long-term community assets such as community facilities and endowment funds. In 2015, this included a capital contribution to redevelop the Merchant's Hotel into Merchant's Corner, an innovative educational hub in the heart of the North End ($50,000 over three years).

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Community Sponsorships
Through community sponsorships, we support events that benefit our community while providing profile and recognition to ACU. In 2015, we donated $105,913 to sponsor the events of 102 organizations. These sponsorships supported fundraisers for ACU members, such as the North End Housing Project's golf tournament; events that showcase Manitoba's vibrant arts and cultural scene, such as Theatre Projects Manitoba's new play I Dream of Diesel, and community festivals and celebrations such as IRCOM's Summer Festival. We also supported a number of strategic learning and networking events such as the Canadian Housing & Renewal Association's National Congress on Housing & Homelessness, and the Asset Building Learning Exchange.


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arrow 15pxEngaging ACU Employees in the Community

In 2015, ACU employees showed their support by volunteering for community-led initiatives, such as the Habitat for Humanity home build, the Jubilee Fund Art and Antiques Auction and LITE's Alternative Christmas Hamper Campaign.

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We achieved 69% employee participation in our employee-led 2015 United Way Campaign. In total we raised $90,700 through employee pledges, special events and our ACU corporate donation. Of this, over $87,500 (96%) was pledged to the Winnipeg AssetBuilders Partnership to support asset building programs.

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arrow 15pxInvesting for Impact with Purchasing Dollars

We look for opportunities to use our purchasing power to support the success of enterprises that align with Assiniboine Credit Union's Values-Based Banking commitments. This includes purchases from non-profits, social enterprises, co-operatives, B-Corps (Benefit Corporations), Indigenous-owned businesses, as well as environmental and fair trade purchases. In 2015, this totaled $13,999,215.91.


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