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Improving our Environmental Performance

Improving Our Environmental Performance

In 2015 ACU further strengthened its environmental performance and commitments. We continued our commitment to purchasing green natural gas, realized significant decreases in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and, for the first time since we began tracking commuting behaviour, had a majority of employees report that they choose green and active commuting modes rather than driving alone to work.

Much of our environmental success in 2015 can be attributed to highly engaged employees who recognize the value in being an environmentally responsible cooperative.

> Reducing Our Environmental Footprint
> Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
> Looking Forward to 2016

arrow 15pxReducing Our Environmental Footprint

Our 2015 Eco-Action Plan focused on encouraging green and active modes of commuting and reducing paper use, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Use
In 2015 we realized an estimated 3.0% decrease in energy consumption per square meter compared to 2014 and an 10.3% reduction compared to 2012.

These improvements were generated by focusing on proper operation of building control systems and energy efficiency retrofitting. We continued to work on 'dialing-in' the heating and cooling systems at our newer energy efficient branches at Seasons of Tuxedo, School Road and St. Vital. When this process is completed, we will see further energy and cost savings in these buildings.

While ACU did not conduct a waste audit in 2015; data from our recycling services provider indicates that we diverted almost 33 tonnes of recyclable materials from the landfill. Office paper made up 75% of the recyclable material collected during the year.

In 2015 we engaged Electronic Recycling Association to manage the proper handling, reuse, recycling and destruction of our e-waste.

Employee Commuting
This year, 49% of ACU employees drove alone when commuting, compared to 55% during 2012 (our base year). Our green and active commuting performance (34% of employees choose green and active modes) was well above the Winnipeg benchmark (2011 Statistics Canada) where only 20% of commuters reported using public transit, biking, walking, and running.

2015 was the first year that green and active commuting modes made up the majority of trips (51%) reported by respondents to our employee commuting survey.

Total greenhouse gas emissions from employee commuting were 23% lower than 2014 and 35% lower than 2012, decreasing from 562.5 tonnes to 366.2 tonnes of CO2e. When compared to 2014 per employee commuting emissions decreased 15% to 0.81 tonnes.

ACU had another strong showing in the Commuter Challenge. One hundred and fifty five employees traveled over 13000 green and active kilometers during the week-long event.

View ACU's multi-year results here.

Paper Use
In 2015, we reduced office paper consumption 18% compared to the previous year. In 2014 we used 12.0 tonnes of office paper and in 2015 we used 9.8 tonnes. A number of factors including the piloting of a paperless initiative in one department and the elimination of a credit union system courier service helped drive this reduction.

In 2015, we achieved an impressive 22% reduction in total number of member statements mailed compared to 2014 volumes. Our long term commitment to reduce member statement totals has saved ACU almost $400,000 since 2012.



arrow 15pxReducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

We continue to make progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from operations, achieving a 34.3% reduction from our 2012 base year. When our purchase of Bullfrog Green Natural Gas is included in our inventory the total GHG reduction from our base year is 42.1%.

Our GHG Inventory includes Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission sources and is guided by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol of the World Resources Institute.


arrow 15px Looking Forward to 2016

To continue demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability, we will:

  • achieve energy-use reductions at ACU locations
  • purchase renewable natural gas from Bullfrog Power to improve the environmental quality of our energy use
  • pilot a compost collection program in our head office
  • continue to engage employees and members on our environmental sustainability initiatives
  • update our greenhouse gas inventory to include Scope 3 emissions from business travel and the production of external printed materials like member statements and brochures
  • achieve a minimum 46% decrease in our GHG emissions from our 2012 baseline
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