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Members as owners

Our Members as Owners

The members we serve are our owners. Each member owns one share in ACU and has an equal voice (one member, one vote) in decision making, including the election of the Board of Directors. All members have the opportunity to run for a position on the board and vote for the representatives of their choice. Members are also able to submit resolutions for consideration by the entire membership and influence the decisions ACU makes.

ACU members have the option of voting for their directors and member resolutions either online or via mail-in ballot. In 2015, 4,540 members (4.4% of those eligible) voted in the election of directors. Forty-three percent of those members chose to vote online.

ACU is committed to engaging regularly with our member-owners, and we do so through our day-to-day communication, our online and telephone surveys, and our annual meetings.

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